Getting your home cleaned and household pets

Attention! If you have a pet at home and if you get your flat to be cleaned this might be interesting for you


We have noticed that a lot of our customers are keeping pet(s) at home – mostly dogs and cats. If you also have a pet at home you may find this article interesting.

getting your home cleaned and household pets
golden retriever puppy hugging a kitty


Some of our clients have asked us not to use harmful, strong chemicals while working around the house – to avoid their pets to contact with these chemicals which can be dangerious to their health and to keep them safe. We thought about starting a cleaning service especially to people who have animals at home. This service would use the power of hot steam to eliminate germs, bacteria on surfaces which is 100% environment friendly and 100% natural (mainly plant based) cleaning products which can leave a nice odour afterwards in contrast as it would be using bleach.

Using environmental-friendly cleaning products
100% eco-friendly cleaning


We had the idea that it would be ideal to complete this service while you have your dog been away on a walk example: with a dog-walking company, so your dog won’t get bothered while we are hoovering. 🙂 Or you know what? Tell us what you think about this service or if you have any ideas, after all you know best what’s good for you and for your pet. You can leave your ideas or comments in the form below.

I have to mention these cleaning products and methods are more expensive than a normal cleaning service using average household chemicals, therefore this service would be also priced on a higher level.

Also if this service raised your interests, tell us about a price you would be happy to pay for. Please write it down in the form below.


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